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Where to watch birds and other wildlife

Collared Flycatcher - By Carole Pourcher

288 species of birds have been identified within the Parc and many sites allow visitors to see many of these species. The Nature Reserves of Madine, Lachaussée and the Lindre Estate with lakes are now equipped for bird watching.

Two of these reserves (Lachaussée and Lindre) are recognized as prestigious international RAMSAR sites.
The interest of these two remote areas, just 60 km apart, for aquatic birds is quite similar but they do have very different lowland agricultural species.

Red-backed Shrike - By Carole Pourcher

Exceptional : the Lorraine Regional Nature Park has 2 RAMSAR zones !

This is truly a bird watcher’s paradise :

  • 7 observatories ,
  • 3 discovery trails in the centre of migratory routes.

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